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Why use Qpon?

Often do you really see such people in the stores with their shopping carts piled high and the cash registers ringing up savings after savings? As someone who has gone shopping with many other people, We can say you have never seen a real super couponer like QPON in action. But we known some dedicated coupon users who brought a stack of coupons with them on every grocery shopping trip and they would rack up significant savings Coupons were invented for two reasons: to get consumers benefits and to help manufacturers

Mass exposure
QPON app gives you easy access to the latest coupons, discounts, deals and discounts to the best places wherever you are on the town with friends or whether you are buying online. With clear categories easily find what you're discount codes or a great deal and place of its execution. To take advantage of promotions just select the coupon and get one-click access to the most valuable discounts! It's really easy!
Acquires New Customers
Coupon marketing is generally very effective at attracting new customers, who will certainly boost your sales (though not necessarily your profits). Once a new customer visits your business, you have an opportunity to turn them into a repeat customer. Their repeat custom is worth far more to you than their first visit.
Get existing customers to buy more
Offering occasional discounts can encourage your existing customers to keep coming back. One benefit is that existing customers can often be motivated by smaller discounts than a brand new customer.
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